CLP(B): Boolean Constraints in Prolog

New: As of October 2019, CLP(B) ships with Scryer Prolog. Post ?- use_module(library(clpb)). to use it.

Publications about CLP(B):
More about Prolog: The Power of Prolog

In particular: Logic Puzzles

Benchmarks: benchmarks.tar.gz

SICStus port:

Performance profiles: performance_analysis.tar.gz

Prolog facts expressing the contiguous United States and DC as they appear in SGB:

Using CLP(B) to compute independent sets, maximal independent sets, and maximum weighted kernels of the cycle graph C100:

Using CLP(B) to solve a matchsticks puzzle (remove the minimum number of matchsticks so that no subsquares remain):

More CLP(B) usage examples:

A ZDD-based variant of the library is available from:

Please write to or use the clpb tag on Stackoverflow if you have any questions about CLP(B).

Thank you for your interest!

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