Solving N-queens with Prolog

The task is to place N queens on an N×N chessboard in such a way that none of the queens is under attack.

Video: N-Queens

Prolog Solution

In the programming language Prolog, it is easy to describe solutions of this task using CLP(ℤ) constraints which are commonly used for combinatorial tasks:

n_queens(N, Qs) :-
        length(Qs, N),
        Qs ins 1..N,

safe_queens([Q|Qs]) :-
        safe_queens(Qs, Q, 1),

safe_queens([], _, _).
safe_queens([Q|Qs], Q0, D0) :-
        Q0 #\= Q,
        abs(Q0 - Q) #\= D0,
        D1 #= D0 + 1,
        safe_queens(Qs, Q0, D1).

Full code:

You can use Scryer Prolog to try it. Start it with:
      $ scryer-prolog
You can then run queries like:
      ?- N = 8, n_queens(N, Qs), labeling([ff], Qs).
         N = 8, Qs = [1,5,8,6,3,7,2,4]
      ;  ...

      ?- N = 20, n_queens(N, Qs), labeling([ff], Qs).
         N = 20, Qs = [1,3,5,14,17,4,16,7,12,18|...]
      ;  ...

The n-th integer in the list denotes the row of the queen that is placed in column n.


If you have the PostScript viewer "gs" installed, you can view an animation of the constraint solving process.

Here is an example shell command you can try:
   $ scryer-prolog -g 'show(20,[ff])' | \
     gs -dNOPROMPT -g680x680 -dGraphicsAlphaBits=2 -r144 -q
The arguments of the predicate show/2 are:
  1. the number of queens
  2. a list of labeling options.
As a side-effect, you see an animation of the constraint solving process.

Sample PostScript file, a self-contained saved animation for 50 queens (open it with "gv" or "gs" to view it):

Sample animation (requires JavaScript), showing 80 queens with labeling strategy ff: queens80.

Here is a picture of a finished animation:

placed 8 queens

Example with 100 queens:

placed 33 queens placed 66 queens placed 100 queens

Challenges: Find solutions for many queens. Find good labeling and allocation strategies. ...

Further reading: Neumerkel at al., Visualizing Solutions with Viewers.

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