cdvdmacs.el — Burn CDs and DVDs using Emacs

Download: cdvdmacs.el

Screenshot: cdvdmacs.png

This lets you quickly burn files and directories to CD or DVD.

Copy cdvdmacs.el to your home directory and add to your .emacs:
      (load "~/cdvdmacs.el")

Some commands:

M-x cdvdmacs-add add a file or directory to the project. A new project is created if none exists. In dired, "M-i a" adds the file at point, and "M-i m" adds all marked files
M-x cdvdmacs-create-iso  create an ISO image of the project
M-x cdvdmacs-burn-cd
M-x cdvdmacs-burn-dvd
burn the project on-the-fly to CD/DVD
C-d, DEL (in speedbar) remove the file at point from the project

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